Setting Up Project Linking

Links to external Flare projects—via Global Project Linking, runtime merging of projects, and multilingual output—are supported when you are building output. In order for this to work, you must upload the necessary Flare projects and set up the project linking properly.

To set up project linking, the Central IDs for your linked projects must be stored in your main project. Depending on the type of project linking you are using, here is what we mean by the “main” project:

  • Global Project Linking The main project is the child (or target). The linked project is the parent.
  • Runtime Merging The main project is the parent. The linked project is the child.
  • Multilingual Output The main project is the one using the original language. The linked project has a different language.

In other words, the project you are building output from is generally considered the “main” project. For more information about each of these types of project linking, see the Flare online Help.

Use one of the following workflows, depending on your situation: